Greetings. The Sigma Lambda Chi International Construction Honor Society welcomes visitors to this site. Please feel free to review this website to learn more about the only honor society for construction majors.


Christine Piper
2015-2017 International President
Sigma Lambda Chi

Society Purpose

The fundamental purpose of Sigma Lambda Chi is to provide recognition to outstanding students in construction curricula. Sigma Lambda Chi is the society that offers students the opportunity to be recognized locally and internationally for their academic accomplishments as a construction major.

Society Contact Information

Wesley G. Crawford
SLC International
Executive Director

SLC International Office
Kimberly J. Switzer,
Intl. Office Mgr.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SLC International Office
Post Office Box 6383
Lafayette IN 47903-6383

News for Chapters

Upcoming Fall 2015

Greetings, Chapter Members.

We hope all of you have had a great break, or summer project, co-op, or internship. Many of you are already settling into the new academic year to enjoy learning more, and to continue participating in your Sigma Lambda Chi Chapter's events and service activities.

We've added a couple of web pages to this website for more resources to be available to you. And we continue to update information, the listing of individual Sigma Lambda Chi members, merchandise information, and general news. And, don't forget to check-out this new ACHS Video on this web page that briefly highlights the benefits of belonging to an Honor Society

Best wishes for a great new semester! Sincerely,
Sigma Lambda Chi International Office



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