Processing the Installation of New Members

Greetings, Chapter Advisors, Chapter Officers, and those Chapter Members who will be acting as Officers-in-Charge (OIC) of the chapter's Installation Ceremony:

Your Chapter has been using the instructions in the Chapter Standard Operating Procedures Manual (aka SOP Manual) to help students become candidates, and new members. You will find a copy of the latest version on this website. Officers-in-Charge (OICs) of current and future installation ceremonies, all current and future Officers, interested Chapter Members, and Chapter Advisors should review this SOP Manual.

After a Candidate has completed the Candidacy period, and has been invited to become a New Member, the Candidate will register online. The Chapter Advisor or OIC will send an electronic invitation via email to ask the Candidate to register with the National Office and make a one-time lifetime membership payment.

Deadline for registrations will be two weeks prior to the scheduled induction date. All new members should receive their new member items at their induction ceremony.

To see a step-by-step PowerPoint presentation of the New Member Invitation process, please see the Advisors Tab on this website.

Here is a copy of the Rates for New Members. Online payments were made available in August 2016. If you wish to have a hard copy of the New Member Rates, please contact our office.

This PowerPoint presentation can be used during your induction ceremony or dinner. Right click to download.


Thank you for your attention to completing this registration process. Please contact the SLC International Office with any questions.