Application for Chapter Charter

Chapters of Sigma Lambda Chi may be established at any school, college, or university that has a major discipline of education in construction as a science (or in an approved allied field) which grants an appropriate academic degree therein. Starting a new Sigma Lambda Chi chapter takes a little time.

First, every chapter must have an advisor. Chapter advisors must be a part of the construction industry, and preferably a faculty or member of the department staff. It is this person, the advisor, who goes about the task of completing the necessary application forms and sending them to the Sigma Lambda Chi International Office.

After your application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Sigma Lambda Chi International Executive Committee to verify that it contains all the required information. If the forms are approved, the Executive Committee will approve the new chapter. The new advisor is then given logon status to the Advisor area within the Sigma Lambda Chi International website. Once there, he or she then inputs the names and contact information for the charter members—the first set of students ever to be inducted by the new Sigma Lambda Chi International chapter!—and creates an invoice that reflects the amount due the Sigma Lambda Chi International Office to prepare membership certificates, ID cards, and pins for the new members. Once payment is received, the International Office sends all materials to the chapter advisor and the new chapter can host its very first induction ceremony!

Additional information can be found here:
Information for Prospective Chapters (Powerpoint)
Information for Prospective Chapters (Booklet)

We charge a one-time application fee of $50. If your university is not approved for membership, your fee will be refunded.

It is our hope that you will find your program is interested in establishing a chapter of Sigma Lambda Chi International. You are welcome to contact a few of the chapters to find out how Sigma Lambda Chi International has been an addition to their programs and how beneficial it has been for their students.

Thank you for expressing interest in our Society. We look forward to receiving your application.

*ALL fields are required
Name of Institution or University
Institution Location - City/State
Institution Web Page Address
Title of the Construction Program within the Institution or University
Is the program accredited?    Yes     No

If yes, by whom?

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Date Accreditation obtained:
Is the program a member of a national association?    Yes     No

If yes, what organization?

If Other:

Approximate length of time program has existed: years

Title of degree granted within the program:

Number of graduates during the most recent year:

Number of students in the current construction program:

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Probable number of candidates into the new Chapter:

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Department Chair

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Proposed Chapter Advisor of New Chapter

Office Postal Address:
Email Address:
Advisor's phone:
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Are you an SLC member?
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Where installed (university):
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A Chapter Charter Application Fee is being submitted simultaneously, payable to SLC Intl. or to Sigma Lambda Chi (See Appendix C for current fee).
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The undersigned, of _____________________________________________ campus, hereby presents this completed Application for Chapter Charter form to the International Executive Committee of Sigma Lambda Chi for review and approval:

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Questions? Please contact us at: [email protected] or 765-430-4489



Payment is by major credit card or Paypal account. Transactions take place on the payment processor's secure server, and we do not receive your sensitive financial details.